Sapphire Predator / Merchant of Retribution

by Gencore Tech Alliance



Here's a little something from Team Nakrikal to kick off the New Year with - a post-humous double single from our most accomplished pop outfit, Gencore Tech Alliance!

The release boasts two new pieces courtesy of Antares and his buddies, recorded throughout 2016 and showcasing the sound and style of what was supposed to be Phase Two in Gencoretech operations (whatever that means).

"Sapphire Predator" is a little track that sounds like something taken out of a 90s racing game (one of the classic NFS titles, for example). Dusty beats and cool funky synth work? Don't need to tell me twice!

"Merchant of Retribution" is a bit more complex, brooding and moody prog-pop piece. Dreary synths and Meshuggah-like drumming (including a section of frenzied, technical prog-rock blasting, courtesty of Cyclick or Groove Criminals, can't really recall) warrant multiple listens.

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released January 13, 2017

Wed-g Antares - samples, programming, drums, mixing, production

Artwork designed by Wed-g Antares
Photography by Roman Arkhipov

Recorded January - March 2016

Very special thanks to:
Tommy "Sixth Maggot" Dotson, HeroTime, danke, Cyclick & Groove Criminals!




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ps. we goners

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