Oh No! It's MicroSol!

by Gencore Tech Alliance

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It's here, it's here, it's finally here! Gencore Tech Alliance have finally released their first full-length album!

"Oh No! It's MicroSol!" is a synth pop record with a twist – it blends the sounds inspired by the 80s and the 90s with the modern, as well as elements of different genres such as downtempo, chiptunes, ambient techno and electronic rock, with often offbeat and rather obscure vocals to boot. Plus an added dash of „Machine Age Voodoo”-era SPK, OLD’s (you know, them Old Lady Drivers) „Formula”, Godflesh and Boards of Canada, too!

The album concludes with a massive space ambient piece, the second instalment in the "Captain Nob and the Space Voyage" series: "Captain Nob and the Rift King".

With this release Gencore Tech Alliance welcomes a new band member, Sixth Maggot, to the fold. This guy wrote a bunch of great songs for the album and is a great addition to our line-up. Shout out to Sixth Maggot!

NKRS - 006F


released July 28, 2015

Wed-g Antares - synthesizer, samples, sound design, programming, drums (tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 10), oud (track 5), kanoon (track 5), voice-over on "Captain Nob and the Rift King", mixing, production, artwork
Sixth Maggot - keyboards, synthesizer, drums (tracks 1, 4, 6), samples, programming, production
Randall Rhodes - bass guitar (track 10)
Minette Fourie - vocals on "Savage Kiss" and "The Concluding Rites"
Farisha - vocals on "Courtship Doesn't Even Matter"
Branni Mikal - vocals on "Courtship Doesn't Even Matter"
Katrina Barr - vocals on "Courtship Doesn't Even Matter"
Ratsouk - vocals on "Planet Rage"
Eighteen - vocals on "Late Night Progress"
Romy - vocals on "Necrosupressor"
Steelyvibe - vocals on "Drinking From A Wave Of Profit"
Megan O'Neill - vocals on "Dead End City"
Holly Prothman - vocals on "Dead End City"
Dinn - vocals on "Dead End City"

Romy's vocals supplied by Illusia Productions

Loops & samples downloaded from Looperman and Freesound.

Recorded March - July 2015

For full credits please refer to the booklet included in the download.




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Track Name: Savage Kiss
In between
The sea and the stars
In between
Venus and Mars
In between
All that we are
In between
Your head and your heart

You will find
You will find the truth

I will wait
I will wait for you

In between
Track Name: Courtship Doesn't Even Matter
Sweet nights
Sorry, but love is gone
I'll remember all the time
Sweet love
I won't forget the things you said
Oh, they're so sweet
Sweet love, sweet love

Don't tell me that you love me
I know it's not anything but
Empty words

Take a step back
Look at the whole thing
See the whole view
Don't you lose track
Look at the whole scene
It's not about you

Don't fall by the way side
Can you hear the word
Don't fall by the way side
Can you hear the word
Track Name: Necrosuppressor
Lure me away from the city lights
Make me stay, undress the lies
Give me a reason, open my eyes
Entice my mind, tell me why, make me alive

Chase me down, explain to me how
Let me know it's here and now
When I turn my life around
Break me out, I'm not alone, you make me alive

Make me alive
Find me

Bring me the peace I seek inside
Dig out the dirt I try to hide
Thrill me tonight, bring me a smile
Promise me land, promise me skies, turn the tide
Strip me of all the doubt and fear
Tell me again loud and clear
You're here to pull me to the surface
How long does it take for you to arrive?

Make me alive
Find me
Track Name: Dead End City
And my hallucinations could draw out all my dreams,
Write out all my thoughts between you and me.
Could draw that dream, could draw that dream,
This life was just not meant for describing

Somewhere within your soul, may you find me there

And I don't know what you're smoking on
But the good times are already gone
Baby, I'm grinding each and every day
Now I'm telling you right to your face
I'm on my way
Track Name: The Concluding Rites
I cannot give you the lay of the land
I cannot make you understand
I cannot make you want anything

But I, but I can love you
But I, but I can want you

I cannot make the hurt go away
I cannot take back anything you say
I cannot make them look the other way

But I, but I can love you
But I want you

I cannot give you what you already had
I cannot offer anything
I cannot make the rumours die away

But I, but I can love you
You know how much I love you

I cannot make you stay
I cannot make you look my way
I cannot make you see me wait
Can’t even tell it to you straight
I can’t tell it to you straight

But I, but I can love you
But I, but I can love you
You know how much I love you