Dream, Little Drone, Dream

by Stateslaver Zero



Nakrikal Records presents the first solo release by Stateslaver Zero, a cyberpunk ambient EP titled „Dream, Little Drone, Dream”!

„Dream, Little Drone, Dream” EP expands upon the debut work of Stateslaver Zero (Hypnotic Implant, Demagolka) and offers several new ambient pieces that celebrate (in a very picturesque way) the beauty of cybernetic cities of the future while taking note of their hostile nature. The music is also reminiscent of the famous "Slo-Mo" theme from "Dredd", an ethereal, angelic piece seemingly stretched out to infinity.

Stateslaver Zero debuted with his own theme for Cyberpunk 2077’s teaser trailer: a short, mellow, restrained piece that reflects the imagery of the video – slow-motion, all those pretty lights... The theme also served as a harbinger of things to come – a sequel to Pulsipher’s „Maritropa”, released post-humously as Team Nakrikal’s famous project came to and end several months before the release of „Maritropa II”. Stateslaver Zero turned the original naive and rather immature narrative about a female cyber-thief raiding a facility and getting caught by futuristic police told through quite a complex musical structure into a massive 16-minute-long suite that is a legitimate soundtrack to a cyberpunk story – or to one of the DeviantArt paintings that served as an inspiration for the various segments of the piece. Heavy, abrasive industrial themes representing the riot police are juxtaposed with airy, mellow ambient soundscapes that convey a certain sense of awe and wonder, ultimately resulting in a very picturesque musical piece.

The package comes with two bonus tracks and artwork created by Stateslaver Zero for the EP.



released January 4, 2015

Composed, mixed and produced by Stateslaver Zero.



all rights reserved


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